Vacuform is made by drawing sheets of forming plastic against a solid mold so that the plastic takes on the shape of the mold in three dimensions. Easily cut with a utility knife, glued, stapled - these forms can also be painted to your desired look. Designs range from brick walls, windows, stone pillars and columns to a wide variety of back drops. You can easily mount these items on a hard surface to gain whatever visual effect you are looking for. Light and easy to manipulate, Vacuform is the right choice when putting together your design or adding a new element to your home.

You can view our CATALOG for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any and all questions regarding this service.

Due to the custom nature of these pieces, we will request you confirm design before print. Once confirmed and in production, there can be no returns, refunds or cancellations. There are additional fees for out of state shipping. Feel free to call us with any inquiries.

Clients who have used our Vacuform Services include but are not limited to: Saturday Night Live (Show & Exhibit), The Blacklist, Gotham, Ted 2, True Crime, Mr. Robot and The Intern.