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The Brooklyn Navy Yard's Sands Street gate is a 15 minute walk from the A/C train at High Street or F train at York Street.

Take A or C train to High Street/Brooklyn Bridge
Exit on Adams Street.
Option 1: Take the B69 bus runs along Flushing Avenue. Get off at Cumberland Street or Clinton Avenue to access entry gates.
Option 2: Make a right upon exiting subway station. Walk down Sands Street until you reach the security gate.

Take the F train to York Street:
Option 1: Transfer to the B62 at York and Gold Streets going toward Long Island City. Get off at Cumberland Street or Clinton Avenue. Walk one block to Flushing Avenue.
Option 2: Exit the train and make a right on York Street. Follow York until it intersects Navy Street. Make a right on Navy Street and enter through Sands Street security gate.

Take the G train to Clinton/Washington Avenue:
Walk down Lafayette Avenue. Make a left on Clinton Avenue. Continue on Clinton until you get to Flushing Avenue security gate.

B67 now stops at the Sands Street gate, inside of the Navy Yard across from Building 5, and at the Clymer Street/Kent Ave gate.
Bus Lines - B48, B57, B62, B69
Take the B57 or the B69 to Cumberland Street and Flushing Avenue.
Take the B62 to Vanderbilt and Park Avenues and walk one block to Flushing Avenue.
Take the B48 to Flushing and Classon Avenues. Walk under the overpass on Flushing Ave. Continue down Flushing Avenue until you reach the Clinton Avenue security gate.
Take the B48 to Flushing and Franklin Avenues. Transfer to the B57 heading towards Downtown/Fulton Street; get off at Flushing and Vanderbilt Avenues.

Brooklyn Queens Expressway to Kent Ave. Exit. Take Exit to Flushing Ave - make Right. Head to Cumberland Street Gate. Building 280 is at this Gate. Stiegelbauer Associates is the Entire Ground Floor.  Click on the map above to get full driving directions from your location.