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About Us

SAI's history begins with Michael J. Stiegelbauer, founder, and owner of Stiegelbauer Associates, INC, began his career sweeping floors at NBC in Brooklyn while attending the University of Tennessee. His father James Clifton Stiegelbauer, the Manager of Design Arts and Scenic Service for NBC, believed to learn a trade you had to start from the beginning. While working at NBC Michael learned carpentry, welding, electrical engineering, design and painting from the craftsmen that worked under his father’s watchful eye.

Michael’s hard work paid off and he was made Head of Metal and Special Projects at NBC. During his tenor at NBC, Michael built Soap Operas, Talk Shows, Game Shows, News and Sports Sets as well as Musical Variety Shows like Dames at Sea and Kraft Music Hall. One of most notable shows Michael worked on was Saturday Night Live.

In 1984, Michael decided to go out on his own and Stiegelbauer Associates, INC was founded. From the very beginning in the little shop on Front Street, Stiegelbauer Associates, INC  built a wide range of scenery from TV to trade shows to concerts and displays. Little by little the shop grew and the need for a larger space moved them into the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1987. Building 20 would be home for the Stiegelbauer Associates, INC  shop for the next 29 years. At the end of the 14th season of SNL, NBC decided to hire a shop to take over the daunting task of building all the Saturday Night Live Sets. Stiegelbauer Associates, INC was up to the challenge and has been building the SNL sets since the 15th season in the Local 4 Shop.

The list of clients did not end with SNL. Stiegelbauer Associates, INC has worked on soap operas such as  Another World, As the World Turns, Guiding Light. As well as NBC News & Sports sets such as The Today Show set, Super Bowl pre-game and Half time sets. Also numerous trade shows, events and concerts have all been built and stored by Stiegelbauer Associates.

In 2012, Stiegelbauer Associates, INC made the move to the new space - Building 280. This larger building allowed for expansion into Broadway Theater and other larger productions. Since the move, Stiegelbauer Associates, INC built Broadway’s A Streetcar Named Desire and The Other Place.

From Scenery to Storage to Vacuform and more, Stiegelbauer Associates, INC  has grown with the industry and continues to provide clients with one on one personal service and quality unmatched in the industry.